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    “Steel Wire Rope Cross-Sections,” image courtesy of Lam Hong, a Singapore-based wire rope manufacturer.

    Now, when I found this I strongly doubted about whereas to post this or not. After all, it’s no more than a spec sheet of the various products made by a company. And it’s obviously not intended as art, neither was it made with any aesthetic purpose in mind.

    It is, however, the accidental beauty of those steel rope cross-sections that captivates me. Strongly reminiscent of flower petal arrangements, snowflakes and crystal lattice structures this figure seems to posses a inherent link to natural order; which is an extreme contrast with steel manufacturing.

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  2. Work by This is Pacifica - http://www.behance.net/thisispacifica

    RAAD — Branding


    Branding - visual universe, Graphic Design - stationary and poster, Webdesign - website (design and development).
    Visual Thinking
    As an architecture project, we planned the exterior design and then we structured and fill the geometric shape. We developed the visual universe to the brand by using seven different stamps applied to the stationary.

    • Work by This isPacifica - http://www.behance.net/thisispacifica

      RAAD — Branding

      Branding - visual universe, Graphic Design - stationary and poster, Webdesign - website (design and development).
    • RAAD is an Architeture and Interior Design studio. In order to create a visual universe which reflects this duality Pacifica explored a hexagonal shape. This shape fills the space in a natural and perfect way. Example of this are hexagonal basaltic columns formed of cooled lava from ancient volcanic activity in an island in Ireland.

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    Alexander Tiles @ Giles Miller

  5. Various Architects’ project “Yorkshire Diamond” was a finalist in the open international competition for a mobile pavilion for Yorkshire Forward. The Yorkshire Diamond Pavilion is a unique and iconic venue that is designed to represent Yorkshire Forward at events around Yorkshire and Humber or further abroad.

    The project is an attraction in itself with a striking exterior in the form of inflatable tubes arranged in the atomic structure of diamonds. The 20 x 26 x 10 meter diamond grid volume is mined out to form a cavernous interior space reminiscent of the coal mines of Yorkshire. Light and air shafts pierce the structure providing natural light and ventilation. At night the translucent shafts and outer skin radiate light in all colors and directions like a diamond twinkling in the sunlight.

    A focus on flexibility gives the pavilion multiple configurations which allow it to be used for everything from small gatherings to large conferences or public presentations. The voluminous internal space will surprise and delight when installed in close quartered public squares. The pavilion can also be turned ‘inside out’ to open up a large covered area to open outdoor spaces to create the ultimate mobile venue for concerts or big-screen events.

    Innovative sustainable features that can generate energy during transport and while installed, together with lightweight recyclable materials will demonstrate Yorkshire Forward’s commitment to the environment wherever the pavilion is situated. Creative new uses of existing proven technologies make this pavilion design possible to produce and operate for a reasonable price.

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    Valerian Marguery

  7. Hexagons are proving to be more popular than I thought.

    • Jakobsen & Hvam Honey
      Identity, stationary & website
    • We created a traditional yet colorful, modern pitch, drawing inspiration from the hexagonal cells in beehives. Our design showcased the colors of nature’s own elements, with due deference to the bees and the commercial product.

      Made in collaboration with Mads Svindt.
  8. Still doing research for my Heaxgon designed site. I think this is a little bit off track but still nice amazing work by Leonid Lubochkin.

    Check out more of the work here - http://www.behance.net/ionfoto

  9. Doing research for my design project when I came across this model from Kat Gonzalez. Really helped me out.

    Check out more of her work here - http://www.behance.net/katgonz

  10. I have a design project with the title being geometric shapes. This helps loads


    Info from Incorporated:
    Incorporated’s Hex Chair extends the Hex series into the realm of upholstered goods. The series originated with the Hex Table which explores systemic ordering and modular relationships, offering infinite possibility for the table’s ultimate configuration and size. Functionally, the Hex Chair embraces the modern need for flexibility

    Theoretically, it offers a visual metaphor for the design process – the suggestion of an open-ended repetition that counters the conventional architectural fascination with a teleological development from idea to conception. One can imagine an endless landscape of Hex furnishings in ever changing configurations

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