1. Work by This is Pacifica - http://www.behance.net/thisispacifica

    RAAD — Branding


    Branding - visual universe, Graphic Design - stationary and poster, Webdesign - website (design and development).
    Visual Thinking
    As an architecture project, we planned the exterior design and then we structured and fill the geometric shape. We developed the visual universe to the brand by using seven different stamps applied to the stationary.

  2. Work by Mark Brooks


    The Biopölitan Project

    The Biopölitan Project invites graphic designers to use their tools and skills to say something about the planet we live in, about the things and organisms we share this space with and about the fact that they might not be around us tomorrow unless we give our ways a second thought. The donated pieces will be either sold individually or published in a book by the end of 2012, all proceeds will go to environmental associations.

  3. oliphillips:

    Monteé - Rendition of you

    Designed by Martin Stousland

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  4. curioos-arts:

    Liam Dangerfield (UK) - Portfolio

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    Evan Bohringer (Australia) - Portfolio

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  6. oliphillips:

    Cassandre Spirit Iron Man Print

    by Greg Guillemin

    Available here

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  7. weandthecolor:

    Abolish the death penalty

    Artwork by Jenna Read from Australia.

    More illustrations inspiration.

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  8. weandthecolor:

    Nine Looks

    Typographic poster design by Dario Dević & Hrvoje Živčić. You can purchase this poster as silkscreen print on here.

    More typography inspiration.

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