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    Stunning Graphic Design Inspirations

    Several design works by Metric72. I like the clean, graphic look and the well-balanced use of space in these poster designs.

  2. Work by This is Pacifica - http://www.behance.net/thisispacifica

    RAAD — Branding


    Branding - visual universe, Graphic Design - stationary and poster, Webdesign - website (design and development).
    Visual Thinking
    As an architecture project, we planned the exterior design and then we structured and fill the geometric shape. We developed the visual universe to the brand by using seven different stamps applied to the stationary.

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  4. Finally posting something actually related to my studies. Frank Gehry Exhibition which took place at MoMa. Wish I could have gone :/

  5. Part 2 - 

      Sustainability report for Gutenberg-Werbering GmbH, an Austrian printing company

      Design: MOOI Design - Letitia Lehner & Julian Weidenthaler
      Photography: Andreas Balon
    • The annual report tells the success story of the effort and energy Gutenberg printers put into being sustainable and environmentally friendly. The visual language tries not to show typical “green” cliches but interesting and unusual aspects of the company as well as giving the employees a voice.
      Every copy is unique and hand-finished by one of the company’s employees showing their passion and enthusiasm for their working place.
  7. Doing research for my design project when I came across this model from Kat Gonzalez. Really helped me out.

    Check out more of her work here - http://www.behance.net/katgonz

  8. Gaudi Chair and Stool design.


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    The World Without Us

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    Rolling Bridge

    by Heatherwick

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    Monteé - Rendition of you

    Designed by Martin Stousland

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    Lego Man Blueprint

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