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    ,stratum I (plex series) / jon phillip sheridan.

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    Marilyn Monroe photographed by Eve Arnold in 1961

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    Valerian Marguery

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  5. Having a break from hexagons. This magazine was created by Atelier Martino&Jana.

    The Jazz 2009 Journal is a newspaper sized
    publication for the 2009 Guimarães Jazz event.

    This time, our goal was to create a classic revival
    object layed with rigurous typography and
    interesting details that would, at the same time,
    contrast with the energic handmade graphics of
    the posters, and still, not look boring.

    Check out more of the work here - http://www.behance.net/martinojanadesign

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    this kid.  he is so smart, an I love that he actually gets what is happening!!

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  8. Work by Douglas Kirkland.

    See more of his Work here http://www.behance.net/douglaskirkland

  9. Drawing / Origin of the Beginning
    Charcoal on Paper, 205cm x 120cm / 80.7 x 47.2 Inches


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    Muhammed Ali.

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    Burden on Flickr.

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    British Museum Underground Station, London, 1937

    E.O. Hoppe